Compustar FT-DC3-HC Master Install Guide | Bible





NOTE: If the above procedure does not work, after step 4 above, PRESS THE ANTENNA BUTTON once, then move on to step 5 and continue the process.




Connect DRONE Mobile device (Z1R-LTE or DR-3400 for example) to the GREY PORT (telematics port on the DC3)


Link to MyStart Bible: CLICK HERE

When installing MyCar connect it to the GREY PORT (telematics port on the DC3). If you want security alerts on the MyCar, connect the MyCar yellow wire to the Siren wire coming from DC3. DC3 Siren wire colour is BROWN with Black dot (single black dot) |

Connector M2 Pin 7 is siren on the DC3









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    If OEM key fobs start to honk horn when pressing LOCK or UNLOCK (where they didn't before DC3 install) you must:

    Go into the security menu and turn off the horn and siren notifications with OEM remote.

    • Tim Coles
    • Tim_Coles
    • 4 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    I am installing DC3 into 15 Focus using T harness is any additional wiring connections required? If so what is the best method to use to "tap" into car wiring?

  • HI guys. I have a Compustar DC3 alarm module  with the DAS 2 shock. On the DC3 moduel  there is a daily that you adjust from 0-10 and also on the DAS2 you can access  the program  functions on what sensor to adjust. Has anyone  figured  out how to adjust  it properly. 

    • James Ortiz   any luck on this setup 

    • Harold Heath nope I really  haven't  figured  it out since. I installed  it my self and not a dealer.

    • James Ortiz 

      Went to a compustar pro installer today. He said as long as the dial not on off then you can set you das 2 controller and itwill be good to go. If the dial is off itturns off the das 2 shock

    • PeterA
    • PeterA
    • 11 mths ago
    • Reported - view

    Hey guys....

    Just a quick question and I'm not sure if I'm on the right section LOL!

    I'm installing the FT-DC3  with a plug an play harness. Do anyone knows where to tap the horn output (-) on a 2022 wrangler JL


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