iDatalink KLON | What is it?


KLON is an iDatalink/iDatastart programming procedure that eliminates the need to sacrifice an expensive key or key-fob for your vehicle, when installing a remote starter.

KLON requires (MANDATORY) the use of the iDatalink ADS-USB Weblink Updater. You must use this tool, there is NO OTHER way to complete the KLON programming procedure. Please see below for more detail on what KLON is all about and how it works:



→ Uses existing iDatalink modules with no extra hardware or accessories required

→ Cheaper than the cost of a replacement key and programming fees sold exclusively at new car dealerships

→ Cut travel time between install bay and car dealership

→ Create upsell opportunities by completing the installation 'in-house'.

→ No key under the dash means no easy access for thieves

→ iDatalink's encrypted data communication between the remote starter and bypass module adds an extra layer of security




All vehicles that require KLON programming will not have the first step programming completed by Lockdown. Our policy is you must have the tool (existing) OR you must purchase the tool from Lockdown Security and complete all programming steps on your own as per the installation requirements.

This means that when you receive your remote starter from Lockdown Security, BEFORE you commence installation you must first flash (program) firmware for your vehicle to the remote start module, proceed with installation as per the installation guide, then proceed to the second step, KLON programming the remote start module will require (as outlined in the install guide). Steps outlined below:

1. Flash vehicle specific firmware to your module via
CLICK HERE for a how to guide for doing this.

2. Download and print installation guide for your vehicle (you obtain this when you flash firmware to the module

3. Proceed with installation as outlined in the installation guide.

4. Once installation is complete, follow module programming steps as outlined in the installation guide. These steps are numbered, and must be followed EXACTLY as outlined in the guide.

5. When you get to the KLON programming steps, you will have to remove the remote starter module from the vehicle (must be UNPLUGGED from the vehicle), and proceed to connect the remote starter module to your computer and continue the KLON programming as outlined on the website.

6. Once KLON programming is completed on the computer, proceed to plug the remote starter module back into the vehicle and follow the module programming steps as outlined in your installation guide.

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  • I'm currently installing a FT-DC3-LC into a 2019 VW Golf GTI and idatalink does not have any firmware listed for 2018+ VW models.  Does this mean I will be unable to use KLON until the 2019 GTI-specific firmware is written and published by idatalink? 

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