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Weblink is the programming system used to program remote starters and interface modules manufactured by iDatalink, iDatastart, and Compustar.

iDatalink, iDatastart, and Compustar data enabled controllers require firmware flashing before installation. Many times we (Lockdown Security) will complete this for you BEFORE we ship the item to you, however there are certain circumstances where we do NOT do this before we ship (vehicles that require KLON).

The ADS-USB is the physical tool used to connect your computer, to the interface module or remote starter. It is essentially a USB bridge tool, it acts as the bridge between the computer and the device being programmed. See the image below for what the ADS-USB looks like:



The ADS-USB  is the legacy full sized tool, it is capable of flashing (programming) all iDatalink, iDatastart, and Compustar product. It is also capable of programming iDatastart antennas

The ADS-USB-ECO is the new smaller sized alternative (with a lower price) that can program:

iDatastart HC Series Modules (HCX)

iDatastart CHX, GMX, MIX, VWX, BMX Modules

Compustar DC3 modules

We have discovered it cannot program:

iDatastart Antennas 


First and foremost, in order to use the ADS-USB you must have a Windows PC (personal computer). You cannot use the ADS-USB on an Apple Mac computer. If you are using Windows 10 and your default browser is Microsoft Edge, see the link below for how to launch Internet Explorer in Windows 10.

Internet Explorer | How to Launch in Windows 10


*Note* We recommend you always flash your controller or interface OUT of the vehicle, at the very least if you decide to do the firmware flash or option change from within the vehicle, your controller or interface must be completely unplugged from all vehicle connections*


The simplest breakdown on how to flash the firmware would be:


STEP 1: Create/Register a Weblink user ID via

STEP 2: Plug the ADS-USB Weblink Updater into your Windows PC *MUST USE Windows PC*

STEP 3: Visit using INTERNET EXPLORER * MUST USE INTERNET EXPLORER, not Edge, not Google Chrome, ONLY Internet Explorer

STEP 4: Plug the remote start controller or interface module into the ADS-USB via the black 4 pin RS232 port (on the controller or interface)

NOTE: The controller or interface must be UNPLUGGED completely from the vehicle, no power from the vehicle can be going to the controller or interface

STEP 5: Use the Flash Your Module button on , log-in, then flash your module according to your vehicle make/model/year.


KLON is an iDatalink/iDatastart programming procedure that eliminates the need to sacrifice an expensive key or key-fob for your vehicle, when installing a remote starter.

Learn more about it HERE


If the  product you have ordered requires a 2 step programming (flash) process (1 before we ship and a 2nd after install is completed) OR if options need to be enabled/disabled to get the product to work, you MUST buy a Weblink/ADS-USB tool.

Lockdown Security will sell you the tool and ship with your order, and offer you the option within 90 days of purchase to send the tool back to us, for a full refund. You can use the tool for your requirements, get your product working, then feel free to ship the tool back to us for a refund of the tool cost. Or you may feel free to keep the tool, it is your choice.

Shipping costs to get the tool back to Lockdown Security are your (the buyer) responsibility and are non-refundable.

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