What is Parking Mode? | Dash Camera Parking Mode

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This is a question we get frequently from our clients, related to dash cameras and how they work when the vehicle is parked/turned off. 

Parking mode is a mode many dash cameras have that allows the camera to record while the vehicle is off, and only record if motion or impact is detected. Most cameras that have the parking mode feature, will segment the recorded footage into a separate file folder on the memory card so the user can easily see footage recorded while the vehicle is parked. 

In order for parking mode to work, the dash camera must be connected to a constant power source (ie the vehicle battery) that does not switch off when the engine/vehicle is turned off. Care must be taken though when using parking mode, as the camera will consume battery power from the vehicle battery, which can lead to a dead battery situation if the vehicle is left for prolonged periods of time. The amount of time it can take to drain a vehicle battery varies widely, based on numerous factors such as battery age, outside air temperature, driving habits, and the type of vehicle, and more. 

How can I protect my vehicle battery when using Parking Mode?

There are a few ways to help protect your vehicle battery from discharging (going dead) when using Parkin Mode such as:

  1. Purchase a camera that has built in power management circuitry, cameras such as those from Lukas and Thinkware have this technology built in
  2. Purchase a power management device, such as the Power Magic Pro or the Lukas LK-290, links to each below:

    Power Magic Pro Adaptor

    Lukas LK-290

    Learn what a power management device is HERE
  3. Purchase a dash camera battery, such as the Cellink B or the Blackvue B-112, see all of our dash camera batteries in the link below:

    Dash Camera Batteries

    Learn what a dash camera battery is HERE
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