What is a Dash Cam Power Management Device?

A dash camera power management device is a product that provides protection of your vehicle battery when using your dash camera in parking mode.

Dash cameras will draw current from your vehicle battery when running in parking mode, and if the vehicle is not driven/started for a prolonged period of time, your vehicle battery will be discharged (it will die).

Dash camera power management devices are designed to help protect against a dead battery, by providing a timer that can shut the camera off after a pre-determined time, and/or a voltage cut-off threshold, which can shut the camera off if the vehicle battery reaches the set threshold.

A power management device for your dash camera should be considered a mandatory accessory if you wish to use your dash camera in parking mode. * Some dash cameras have a power management device built into them, so it is important to check this in the camera's feature list.*

Our most popular power management device is the PMP (Power Magic Pro), which offers you the ability to cut power at a pre-determined time, or a pre-determined voltage threshold. Check it out below:

Power Magic Pro


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