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1-Way refers to key fobs used for car alarms, remote starters, or key less entry systems that connect to a vehicle.

1-Way key fobs send a signal ONE-WAY (ONE DIRECTION) from the key fob to the vehicle, but do not receive a confirmation signal back from the vehicle. They do not provide any status or vehicle updates. 

1-Way key fobs are regarded as the most basic of control methods for car alarms, remote starters, or key less entry systems.

See below for a common style of 1-way key fob:

Have you ever locked your doors using your vehicle’s remote key and wondered, “Did my doors actually lock?” Even if your remote key has good range, there is no way you can be 100% sure your doors locked unless you can see or hear the vehicle.

That is where 2-way communication comes into play. 2-way remotes will not only send a command (e.g. lock or remote start) to your vehicle, but it will also confirm when that command is successful.

2-way is especially useful when remote starting your vehicle from the comfort of your home or workplace. Imagine remote starting your vehicle from your desk and receiving instant confirmation that your vehicle is warming up/cooling down: that is the power of a 2-way system!

Check out this video for a visual demonstration:


Among 2-way keyless entry and remote start systems, there are two types of systems: 
2-way LED and 2-way LCD.

What is a 2-Way LED System?
2-way LED systems, like the Compustar PRIME G9 or SLICE Jr., feature remotes that look like any normal remote key fob. However, when locking your doors or remote starting your engine, 2-way remotes will provide visual and audible confirmation when a command is successfully sent to a vehicle.

What is a 2-Way LCD System?
2-way LCD systems, like the Compustar PRO T11 or PRIME 901, feature remotes with an LCD screen that display additional content like door lock status, remote start run time, vehicle temperature, and much more. In addition, if your 2-way system has security features activated, you will be alerted if your vehicle’s alarm is triggered.

Final Thoughts
As you’re shopping for a Compustar remote starter, remember one thing: Compustar systems are fully upgradeable. If you already own or purchase a 1-way Compustar system, you can easily upgrade your system to 2-way at any time. Simply contact your Authorized Compustar Dealer and let them know that you would like to upgrade your system to 2-way!

Did you know you can now control and remote start your vehicle with your smartphone, tablet, or computer? Yes you can now do this, simply by adding a smartphone controller to your remote starter or car alarm.

Smartphone control works by adding a control module to your remote starter, downloading an app to your phone or tablet, connecting the two together (registering) and voila you may control your vehicle from your phone.

We carry many different types of smartphone control modules, some with yearly fees, some without yearly fees.

Takeover stands for the sequence (or hand-off) between the remote starter running the vehicle, and the driver using the key or push start key fob to run the vehicle and drive away. 

Not all vehicles have takeover available as an option, and those vehicles will shut down after remote start, when you open any door. 

Yes you can! We offer a number of different manual transmission compatible remote starters that will perform safely on a manual transmission vehicle. 

Manual transmission vehicles do require a safety sequence be performed upon exiting the vehicle (must be done every time you exit the vehicle if you wish to remote start the vehicle). 

The safety sequence consists of shifting the vehicle to neutral, engage the parking brake, wait for the audible confirmation, once confirmation received exit the vehicle (engine continues to run), close all the doors, the vehicle will then shut-down and lock the doors. You may now remote start the vehicle as many times as you want, provided no one enters the vehicle (opens the door). If they do, the sequence must be performed again.

Yes you can install a remote starter on a hybrid vehicle. Installation of a remote starter on a hybrid is essentially the exact same procedure as installing a remote starter on a gas or diesel vehicle. Some remote starters may require a "hybrid" feature programming option, but otherwise a hybrid vehicle is the same as a gasoline vehicle.

Yes you can install a remote starter on a diesel vehicle. If your diesel vehicle requires a wait to start delay (for glow-plugs) you can connect a wait to start circuit to the remote starter OR most remote starters can be programmed with a time delay setting, whereby there is a delay between when the remote starter activates the ignition circuit, and when it activates the starter circuit.

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