WiFi | LG Innotek LGD521 WiFi Connection | How To?

This article will outline the steps required to connect to WiFi of your LG Innotek dash camera (LGD521)


IMPORTANT!! Ensure you download the LG Innotek Dash Cam Viewer from the App Store or the Google Play store.

  1. Start your vehicle or turn ignition ON
  2. Wait for the camera to boot up fully and begin recording (10 - 30 seconds after start up)
  3. Once camera is recording, press and HOLD the WLAN button on the left side of camera body (next to slider switch). Hold the button until 2 dings (beeps) are heard, then release the button.
  4. Await verbal announcement that WiFi has been enabled
  5. Access WiFi settings on your iPhone or Android (phone settings menu)
  6. If using Android, turn Airplane Mode ON, then turn on your phone's WiFi
  7. Once in your phone's WiFi menu, look for a WiFi network that start with LGD (it will have a bunch of numbers after LGD).
  8. Select the LGD network and enter password (default password is 00000000 )
  9. Once successfully connected in your phone's WiFi menu, move on and open the LG Innotek app.
  10. Once the LG Innotek app is opened, click Start and voila, you are using the app and connected to the camera. 
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