Dash Cameras | Why you should go 2 channel (front + rear dash camera)

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Many of our clients ask why they should go with a 2 channel (front + rear) dash camera?

There are many reasons to choose a 2 channel camera, one of the main ones being that the most common automobile accident type, is the rear end accident. Meaning you have a greater chance of being rear-ended (especially in city traffic) than you do of getting into a front end accident (as you are in control of your car, where you have no control of what someone does coming up behind you, to some extent).

For example, take a look at what happened to a client's vehicle on the 401 series highway here in Ontario, Canada (watch the video below):

As you can see from the video, the rear dash camera provides video evidence of exactly what happened, and had our client not had a 2 channel camera, he would not have had this evidence. Guess what? The driver of the red truck tried to tell the police our client cut him off, which is clearly not true as per the video.

Going the 2 channel route is always a great idea, and we look forward to showing you the latest and greatest in 2 channel dash camera technology.

You can view all of our 2 channel dash camera selection in the link below:

2 Channel Dash Cameras at Lockdown Security 

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