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FT-DASII (Digital Adjustable Sensor gen II)

The DAS II monitors sudden movement forward or backward during the remote start process when starting a manual transmission vehicle. The DASII also includes a dual stage impact sensor, and auto adjusting tilt sensor, and glass break sensor all in one. Follow the steps below to properly setup your DAS II sensor levels.

NEW** DAS-II (compatible w/ CM7 v3.5+, CM900AS, CM7300 v1.12+, DC3 with core update September 2018+) Programming Procedure

STEP 1: Turn the ignition to the ‘on’ position

STEP 2: Send Unlock command 2 times (unlock => unlock) using any Firstech remote or OEM remote (capable of Controlling the CM7 through data module) At this time the DAS-II display will initialize and stay powered up for at least 5 minutes or until ignition is off.

STEP 3: Push the programming button repeatedly until the desired sensor has been selected 1-5 shown in the table below. (The programming button will be used to navigate the sensor adjustments and sensitivity once a sensor has been selected.)

STEP 4: Once the sensor has been selected hold the programming button for 2 seconds to confirm selection and enter sensitivity adjustment. The adjustment options will now be accessible with default setting displayed. (sensitivity options will be shown in table below.)

STEP 5: push the programming button repeatedly until desired sensitivity level is reached (setting 0 will indicate sensor is OFF => except option 2 window break sensor conditions)

STEP 6: Hold programming button for 2 seconds to save sensitivity setting. After the setting is saved the sensor will start over at sensor 1 again. (if the programming button is not pressed within 5 seconds after setting the LED will flash 2 times save the setting and exit that sensor programming)

STEP 7: Turn ignition off to exit programming


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