Wiring Connections

1. Red. +12V power supply connected via 15A fuse.

2. Orange-Black. The service/valet button «-».

3. Yellow-Green. Hood end switch «-» (to the hood lock control module or to the parking lamp (P) on the AT selector to lock the engine if the AT has been shifted).

4. Yellow. Ignition «+».

5. Blue. The LED/ the buzzer «-».

6. Black. Ground (permanent «minus»). 

7. Black-White. Common wire (COM).

8. White-Purple. The Normally Closed contact.

9. Purple. to the hood lock solenoid.

10. Green. to the hood lock solenoid



Attaching of the smartphone as key fob The KVANT immobilizer supports connection of two smartphones that can be used as a key fob for quick authorization.

In order to do that the car owner must have the smartphone connected to the system with the application Author ID working on the background (even when the smartphone screen is off).


This function is available for most of the smartphones with different operation systems:

• iOS 8.0 or above

• Android 5.0 or above (Bluetooth 4.0+ LE) 21


For authorization (authentication) in the KVANT system by the smartphone, download and install the Author ID application: authorid


The maximal number of the smartphones that might be used as key fobs is two. Only one phone may be attached to the device as key fob over one attaching session.


Undergo the next steps to attach the phone to the device:

1. Switch on the Bluetooth on the smartphone.

2. Start the Author ID application.


«Bluetooth Peripheral mode not supported». If you have this message in Author ID application in your smartphone, use the additional mode in the KVANT system


3. Switch on the ignition without starting the engine.

4. Sign in the system by the key fob/smartphone or enter the PIN-code. Two indication signals will be provided. 

5. Activate the smartphone pairing mode:

         • Switch ON the ignition without starting the engine.

        • Sign in by the key fob or the smartphone (or enter the PIN-code if the two-step authorization (authentication) is used). Two indication signals will be provided.

        • Enter the immobilizer setup menu. For this purpose press the service/valet button and hold it pressed for 10 seconds. The LED or the buzzer will start providing indication signals once in a second.

        • Choose point №5 in the menu by pressing the service/valet button five times. The indication signal of LED or the buzzer will be provided five times.

        • To activate the smartphone pairing mode press the service/valet button twice. The indication signal of LED or the buzzer will be provided twice.


6. Press the «+»-button to add the new device. KVANT 231 coverage zone at the moment of device recording is limited. In order to successfully tie a smartphone to the device, keep it as close to the device as possible (recommended distance is up to one meter).

7. In the pop-up window enter the Bluetooth pairing code indicated on the first page of this manual. After having this done, the smartphone will be connected to the KVANT system.

8. Press the «Key» button in the center of the screen in order to activate the key fob mode (the button lighting will change from grey to orange color).

9. Switch OFF the ignition. Now smartphone works as a key fob. The connection to the KVANT system is realized through the encrypted channel.


The smartphone works as a key fob only when the Bluetooth is on and the Author ID application is launched. The smartphone used as a key fob can reach the car from up to 10 meters distance (depends on the particular place in the car where the KVANT has been installed).

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