Remote Start Takeover | KEY Start Vehicles

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As for the key takeover sequence, all you would need to do is walk up to the vehicle, unlock and open the door, hop in, then insert your vehicle key in the ignition and turn it to the ON position (position before START), followed by a press of the brake pedal, and takeover is completed. *IF* you step on the brake pedal BEFORE turning the key to the ON position, the vehicle will shutdown. Simple as that.


Steps below (it is assumed the vehicle is running under remote start):

  1. Unlock the doors
  2. Enter the vehicle
  3. Insert the vehicle key in the ignition (key cylinder, where you put your key to start the car)
  4. Turn the key to the ON position (key position BEFORE the START position)
  5. Step on the BRAKE to complete takeover sequence

After completion of the above steps, if you remove the key from the ignition cylinder, the vehicle will SHUT DOWN. 

Also, if you step on the BRAKE pedal before Step 5, the vehicle will also shutdown. 

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