3 x Lock Start | Details and Explanation

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3 lock start means the action of pressing your OEM key fob lock button THREE TIMES (lock, lock, lock) remote starts the vehicle (if equipped with a compatible remote starter)

This 3 lock press action, can also (generally) be configured also, as a Lock, Unlock, Lock action (if you find the three lock action is starting the car by accident).

If you find your car remote starts by itself, you more than likely have 3 lock start on your remote starter, and you do not realize it. Test this, by going out to the car, press the lock button 3 times quickly, and see if the car starts.


Looks like the OEM key fob stops working when the ignition is on, meaning 3x lock start is not going to work the way you want it to.

It will more than likely work to START the van, but when you go up to the vehicle and try to unlock it to get it, the key fob won't function (because ignition is on).

You can test this IF you have 2 keys for the vehicle, test procedure would be:

1. Start the vehicle with the key
2. Get out of the vehicle (with the second key with you, vehicle stays running)
3. Attempt to use the key fob (second key) and see if it locks/unlocks

If it locks/unlocks then 3x lock start is going to work, if not then no 3xlock start.


If your vehicle does not support 3xlock start, it is because the OEM key fob (original key fob) goes dead (stops working) when the vehicle ignition is on (such as when the engine is running). This means, that if you were to use 3xlock start, you would have no way to open the doors (keyless entry) while the engine was running, as the OEM key fob goes dead. Hence, the requirement for the aftermarket key fob. 

This is not a big deal though, as in most cases where 3xlock start is not supported, you can leave the OEM key fob at home, and simply switch over to using the aftermarket key fob for all functions (such as lock/unlock/trunk release/remote start & stop. Also, you will gain increased range by using the aftermarket key fob.

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