Autostart Valet Mode

What is Valet Mode?

Valet mode is a setting/feature your remote starter has, that allows you to disable the ability to remote start the vehicle. It is designed to be used when you take your vehicle in for service or if you are lending the vehicle out and wish to prohibit (ie turn off) the ability to remote start the vehicle.

What does it look like when my remote starter is in Valet Mode?

Generally, when your remote starter is in valet mode, the only thing it will do when you use the key fob is lock/unlock the doors (*if* your vehicle has power door locks AND key-less entry was connected)***see note

The vehicle may or may not respond to a key fob command with a corresponding parking light flash (this can vary between remote start brands)

Bottom line, if your remote starter is not working, valet mode is the first thing to check (to see if activated).

Note: Remote starters installed at/by Lockdown Security will always have key less entry connected *if* the vehicle has power door-locks.

How To Turn Valet Mode On or Off?

The procedure for turning valet mode on or off varies by remote starter manufacturer, but to assist our customers we will focus on the procedure for the remote starter brands we carry, which are: Autostart, Clifford, Compustar, iDatastart, and Viper


Autostart Valet Mode

Please see below for Autostart Valet Mode Instructions:


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