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Click Here for User Manual 

Installation guides are generated specifically to the make/model/year of vehicle the EVO-ONE module is programmed (flashed) to work on, however if you need the universal *Master* install guide for the product, please see the link below

Click Here for Install Guide 


The EVO-ONE is compatible with many manual transmission vehicles, HOWEVER, the vehicle must have a CAN-BUS tach signal (tach signal via data), otherwise the EVO-ONE will not support manual transmission usage.

Effectively, you cannot use an EVO-ONE on older manual transmission vehicles, as they will not be equipped with CAN-BUS tach signal capability. 

Verify compatibility using


The EVO-ONE can be configured as an alarm with remote starter, when used with the Fortin FSS shock sensor (install guide for FSS below):

Click Here for FSS Install Guide



If you are installing an EVO-ONE on a diesel vehicle, our information (or lack of) states no further efforts are required for the glow plugs or wait to start, the EVO-ONE when programmed for a diesel vehicle takes care of this aspect automatically within it's firmware.

NOTE: Our lack of comment pertains to the fact that Fortin does not make any mention of additional circuits or wiring required for diesel vehicles. 

Update 10/28/2020: We have determined there IS wait to start time delays that CAN be set within the EVO-ONE, see image below (taken from the flash of a 2015 RAM 3500 Diesel Tip Start, so this may vary on other diesel vehicles but can be taken as a reference):




The DRONE Mobile X1r-LTE is not compatible with the EVO-ONE as of 10/31/2019. This may change in the future but as of now, X1R-LTE is not compatible.

The DRONE Mobile DR-3400 *is* compatible but this product has been discontinued (DR-3400) and is no longer for sale. 

Click Here for Install Guide for DR-3400 connection to EVO-ONE


Click here for Install Guide for EVO-START2 connection to EVO-ONE

Click Here for Install Guide for DSM550/DSMC550 connection to the EVO-ONE

Click Here for Install Guide for MyCar device connection to the EVO-ONE

*11/4/2020 we have received a report that the AC202 does NOT work with the EVO-ONE. we have not been able to confirm this, but take this notice as a word of warning*

Click Here for Install Guide for AC202 device connection to the EVO-ONE


Programming instructions for adding key fobs can be found via the link below:




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