Manual Transmission Remote Starters | Bible

This guide will assist you in determining why your reservation mode is not working.

First off, what does reservation mode (manual transmission safety mode) require to operate?

  1. Tachometer Input (tach input) 
  2. Brake Switch (foot brake input) 
  3. Parking Brake (e-brake input) 
  4. Clutch Bypass 
  5. Door Pin Switch (doorpin input) 
  6. Trunk Pin Switch (trunkpin input) 
  7. Hood Pin Switch (hoodswitch input) 
  8. FT-DASII (applies to Compustar only)

When reservation mode is not working correctly, you need to manually check EACH AND EVERY one of the above to ensure you have a valid signal. If any of the above is being generated via data (through an interface/bypass module) then you more than likely will need to hard wire (splice in) the connection to the specific circuit being tested. 

The most common issues that come up are:

  • E-Brake signal drops on crank or with ignition (happens especially with data driven e-brake signals) 
  • Foot Brake signal drops on crank or with ignition (happens especially with data driven e-brake signals) 
  • Defective OR improperly mounted FT-DASII sensor (it senses too much movement from the engine turning over, happens a lot with modified, large vehicles like trucks, V-8 engines etc. or those with loud exhausts that shake the car)
  • Door pin signals that feed back when vehicle ignition is on (again, specifically data driven signals, happens a lot on Honda/Acura!!) 
  • Clutch bypass not verified as working

So what do you do when reservation mode does not work?

You methodically check each and every one of the above and check them off 1 by 1 to ensure they are correct.  You can also test the remote starter in automatic transmission mode (NOTE this is highly dangerous, make sure the vehicle is not in gear, and is in neutral!!) and from there, IF it remote starts, deduce the issue down from there (if the vehicle starts in auto mode but not in manual mode, then look to your door pins, e-brake, or FT-DASII (Compustar) as the likely issue.

We have also seen issues related to:

  • connection made incorrectly, mistakes happen, double check ALL your wiring one by one
  • FT-DASII (Compustar only) unplugged, or mounted incorrectly
  • LED tail lights (specifically LED brake lights) creating a voltage "feedback". as in the resting voltage will be at 1 - 3 volts, where is should be 0 volts at rest, and the low voltage rest voltage causes the remote starter to think the brake has been activated


If you own a Compustar remote starter (Viper & Autostart follow same procedure) and your vehicle is manual transmission, you MUST set reservation mode when leaving (parking) the vehicle, in order to remote start it safely. The sequence is as follows:


You must (when leaving the vehicle, with the engine running) do the following:


1. With vehicle running, put gear shift into neutral

2. Activate e-brake/parking brake

3. Take your foot OFF the foot brake

4. Listen for the click coming from under the dash

5. Once click is heard, remove key from ignition (engine continues to run without key)

6. Exit the vehicle, shut the door (shut ALL doors, make sure EVERYONE exits vehicle)

7. Vehicle engine shuts down automatically, doors lock automatically

8. Remote start the vehicle as many times was you want :) 


IF you re-enter or open any doors AFTER reservation mode has been set, you must re-do reservation mode sequence.

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