Autostart Key Fob Programming*

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  1. Press and hold the hood-pin for 4 seconds

    What is a hood-pin?
  2. Release the hood-pin (the parking lights will turn on)      

    What are parking lights?

  3. While the parking lights are on, press the hood-pin once more and release immediately
  4. The parking lights will now stay on for up to 20 seconds
  5. Before the parking lights go out, turn the ignition key ON (RUN Position) and immediately to the OFF position 
  6. Press and HOLD the LOCK button of the key fob you are trying to program and keep it held down until the parking lights flash 5 times quickly (may be followed by 2 slow flashes, not all the time though)
  7. The key fob has now been stored to memory

If you have additional key fobs to program, repeat step 5 and 6 at this time. *Systems can hold a maximum of 4 remotes 


Option 1: (if the antenna on your windshield HAS an Antenna Programming Assistance Button (P.A.B.) 


  1. Make sure the hood is closed
  2. Turn the ignition key to the IGNITION ON (RUN) position
  3. Within 5 seconds, press the programming button on the antenna twice for 1 second each time. THE LED WILL COME ON SOLID.
  4. You now have 20 seconds to select one of the sub-menus (proceed with transmitter programming procedure below:

Note: To exit programming mode, press on the antenna button once (the LED will come ON) and release.

Transmitter Programming Programming Procedure

  1. Before the lights go out, turn the ignition key to the Ignition Off position, then to On (Run) position and immediately to the OFF position. OFF/ON/OFF
  2. Press and hold the LOCK button and keep it down until the parking lights flash 5 times quickly. The transmitter has been stored to memory AFTER the 5 flashes, meaning programming is completed.

You must repeat the above process to add additional transmitters.



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