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The user manual covers all HC series, including CMHCXA), HCX000A, HC1151A, and HC2352AC.

Click Here for User Manual 



ATTENTION: ENSURE THE LITTLE WIRE LOOP on the module is CUT (yes, cut with scissors or cutting tool!)


Installation guides are generated specifically to the make/model/year of vehicle the HC series module is programmed (flashed) to work on, however if you need the universal *Master* install guide for the product, please see the link below

*Note* The guide covers ALL HC series product (it is the same for CMHCXA0, HCX000A, HC1151A, and HC2352AC






If you are having trouble programming your HC series remote starter, it will flash a specific LED error code when you attempt to program module to the vehicle, to understand the codes, please click the link below:

LED Error Code Table | Click Here


If your HCX will not remote start, and flashes a code, see below for code table:


If the blue light is ON on the antenna (HC1151A and HC2352AC) it means the system is in valet mode. See page 9 of the user guide for steps to take it out of valet mode.

User Guide


When installing smartphone controllers such as DRONE, MyStart, or MyCar, the port you must plug the smartphone controller into is the BLUE 4 pin telematics port. See the image below:


MyStart Port

MyCar Port

SmartStart Port (red port next to DRONE port)



The HCX has the capability through firmware (where supported) and through analogue aux outputs, to control heated and cooled accessories, such as rear defrost, heated seats, cooled seats, and mirror defrosters. The HCX is able to determine temperature through multiple sources, such as: vehicle based temperature sensors (via CAN data), basic on-board temp sensor, or via the ACC-TEMP accessory. In order to truly use this feature of the HCX< you must have the ACC-TEMP connected, it is the only way to get a truly accurate temperature reading to the HCX control module. See below for some images of settings the HCX has:



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