OEM Amplifier Replacement Notes and FYI

There can be challenges when it comes to by-passing or replacing OEM amplifiers, as OEM amplifiers can have advanced input circuitry or other circuitry for audio controls that simply cannot be removed from the vehicle, and still retain full vehicle functionality. We have notes on vehicles as per below:

Kia Sportage and Sorrento (2013 - Up) can be equipped with SPDIF amplifiers. SPDIF stands for Sony/Philips Digital Interface, and is a proprietary audio input used for balanced line audio input. Unfortunately aftermarket head units are not capable of interfacing with SPDIF, so a SPDIF interface or OEM amplifier bypass will be required. You will also not be able to replace the OEM amplifier and continue using the OEM head-unit as the OEM head unit has SPDIF outputs.

2006 - Up Lexus IS vehicles OEM amplifier cannot be replaced, it must stay in the vehicle as it controls volume/balance/fader and if it's removed, all these functions are lost. 
*the only way around this is head unit replacement, but the Metra dash kit to replace the head unit is $459.99 + HST on it's own (99-8163)*

If the client wants to replace a damaged OEM amplifier, they must replace it with the exact same OEM amp, then use high level adaptor or interface to add-in the aftermarket amplifier. Long story short, it's all or nothing, either keep the OEM amp in the system, or replace everything in the vehicle, short of the speakers.

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