iBeam TE-CDVR-4 & TE-CDVR-G User & Install Guide

The user guide / install guide is attached here. 

In order to enable the reverse camera auto switching, you must have input 2 (purple wire) connected to the positive reverse trigger of the vehicle. Be careful with this, there are 4 purple wires, you must use the pin #s written on the DVR at the input connector to determine which purple wire is pin 2. 

You must then go into the DVR settings (as per below):
Setup in the DVR menu “Advanced” “RearCamera”, see as following, click “OK”

Make sure you click the ENABLE box (check mark will appear here) and make sure you assign the correct camera input to trigger when in reverse (I suggest if you are doing a 2 camera setup use AV2 as your rear camera input, if you are doing a 4 camera setup, use AV4.

If you click the ZONE button, you can edit the reverse lines that will show on the screen image when in reverse.


When you first turn the DVR on, if you see a Vision Loss error, and no camera images appear, you must change the camera resolution settings (key setting is 960H when using aircraft connector style cameras). See below for editing this (page 19 -20 on the attached pdf file):

Path: Menu->Record->Mode. Please set up your cameras’ SignalType and Valid/Invalid. The DVR works with both AHD and general cameras. If you use AHD cameras, please select the first Type, if you use general cameras, please select the third Type, if you use both general and AHD cameras, please select the second Type. 

SignalType setup Note: If your cameras don’t display image on the monitor, please check this setup.

  • LEAVE the DVR in PAL setting, if you change to NTSC it will display the cameras in black & white instead of colour
  • 960H is the setting all AV inputs need to be set to.
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